Exhibition G.W. Comendo

Exhibition G.W.  Comendo

“OK guys, I’m coaching alone, so I need volunteers for captains for today’s practice. As Sean drives off, “So where do you guys live?” After each boy responds, “Alex, you’re closest to the field, so you’re first.

Hentai: [Senkan Komomo, Koyama Hayato] G.W. -Golden Week- [Chinese] [同文城] [Digital]

G.W. 1G.W. 2G.W. 3G.W. 4G.W. 5G.W. 6G.W. 7G.W. 8G.W. 9G.W. 10G.W. 11G.W. 12G.W. 13G.W. 14G.W. 15G.W. 16G.W. 17G.W. 18G.W. 19G.W. 20G.W. 21G.W. 22G.W. 23G.W. 24G.W. 25G.W. 26G.W. 27G.W. 28G.W. 29G.W. 30G.W. 31G.W. 32G.W. 33G.W. 34G.W. 35G.W. 36G.W. 37G.W. 38G.W. 39G.W. 40G.W. 41G.W. 42G.W. 43G.W. 44G.W. 45G.W. 46G.W. 47G.W. 48G.W. 49G.W. 50G.W. 51G.W. 52G.W. 53G.W. 54G.W. 55G.W. 56G.W. 57G.W. 58G.W. 59G.W. 60G.W. 61G.W. 62G.W. 63G.W. 64G.W. 65G.W. 66

[戦艦コモモ、 小山隼人]G.W.-ゴールデンウィーク- [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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